• Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?

    No, you do not need a referral, unless your consultation is to be under the Department of Veteran Affairs. In this case, you will need a referral from your GP.

  • What happens in a consultation?

    An Initial Consultation begins with a thorough case history; this includes your presenting symptoms, your medical history, family medical history, previous trauma, medication etc. We then perform a physical assessment, checking your posture, a range of movements, and, depending on your presenting case history, we may perform orthopaedic tests and/or neurological testing. We then palpate (feel) individual joints and muscles, feeling for restrictions and strain patterns. This allows us to form a diagnosis, on which we base our treatment. Treatment follows, aiming to restore structure and therefore function to the dysfunctional areas. During the consultation you may be given advice and exercises to help and to prevent exacerbation of the problem.

  • What techniques do Osteopaths use?

    Osteopaths use a variety of hands on techniques including but not limited to Soft tissue massage, fascial release, muscle energy technique, balanced ligamentous tension, HVLA (manipulation), and joint articulation. These techniques are individualised and focus on the relationship between the nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs.

  • How many consultations will I need?

    This depends on many factors – for example how long you have had the problem for, your health and your occupation. As the body has the ability to heal itself, we encourage patients to take responsibility for their own health, and offer them advice on how to achieve this via exercises/stretches, diet and lifestyle changes, so that they do not need to keep coming back for treatment.

  • Do I need to bring in my x-rays and scans?

    It is a good idea to bring these in. The more information the better!

  • I am pregnant. Is it safe to have osteopathic treatment?

    Osteopathic treatment is suitable during all stages of pregnancy. Treatment can give relief to aches and pains related to the rapid changes of the body at this time. We are happy to discuss any concerns about manual therapy with the patient and their medical caregivers if required.

  • Do Osteopaths treat babies and children?

    Osteopathy can be very beneficial for babies and children. The process of birth can be very traumatic for a child, and can sometimes result in strain patterns throughout the body, which can affect the child’s ability to feed, sleep and digest. We approach treatment gently to help undo the strain patterns, aiming to optimise the health of the child.

  • Am I covered with private health insurance?

    Partial rebates are available for members of Private Health Funds with ancillary or "extras" cover, but the amount of rebate and the conditions vary from insurer to insurer, so the details of your policy should be checked.